electronic modalities

Not All Facials Include An Electrical Treatment.
Electrical facial treatments during a facial take the results up a notch or two, but not all facials include them. The use of electrical treatments requires specific training and makes a facial more complicated. Consequently the charges may be more for such treatments, but certainly worthwhile.


A diamond tipped wand with
light suction

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Tiny electric current of eight wave forms penetrate skin

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Forget Me Not Faces - LED therapy

LED Therapy

Natural light spectrums penetrate the layers

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Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling)

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Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen & Antibacterial Treatment (Faradic Current)

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Ultrasonic Cleanse

Ultrasonic Cleanse
& Infusion

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Customized Organic

Clay Masks with essential oils

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Forget Me Not Faces facials

European Organic

European Organic (extremely high standards) Facials NYR

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Biocellulose (second skin)

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Enzyme Peels

Enzyme Peel - Forget Me Not Faces

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